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In modern South Africa the female period often still is a taboo subject.

Around 30% of South African girls stay away from school once a month because they have no access to period products.

 The term "period poverty" describes the situation when menstruating individuals can not afford period products or can not change them as often as necessary for financial reasons.

In doing so they risk diseases such as toxic shock syndrome (TSS), also known as tampon disease, which in the worst case can lead to circulatory and organ failure.

For too many young South Africans this kind of poverty is part of their daily lives.


Our mission

Our vision is a society that is committed to the well-being of all of its fellow human beings. This includes working for equal access to essential products.

Access to menstrual products, and the right to manage menstruation without shame or stigma is essential for all menstruating individuals, especially girls and young women.

"Indoni yamanzi" is a term in Zulu, the most widespread language in South Africa. It means "berry of the waters" and stands for a young woman with respect, dignity and pride. This is how we see girls and women and it stands for the values we want to empower.


Indoni Yamanzi provides girls and women with menstrual products while empowering them through knowledge and education - an important step towards equality for women in South Africa and the world.

Our projects

Indoni Yamanzi's offer is divided into three fields of action, which are interdependent and interrelated in practice.

We strive to create an initiative with sustainable growth by starting with very small, personal steps and incorporating all the local infrastructure that is already in place.

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Empowerment workshops

​Empowering young girls through education in the context of workshops.


Distribution of reusable Safepads

Introduction of a sustainable and long-lasting solution during the menstruation days. 


Monthly periode packages

Providing households in need with menstrual products through monthly distributions.

About us

We are Unathi, Sive and Hanna. Six years ago we met in Unathis and Sives home: Vryground, Cape Town.


While Sive is attending her last two years at Heathfield High School, Cape Town, Unathi recently graduated from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Hanna is from Germany, she is a recent graduate from University of Goettingen and has spent many months volunteering in the Vryground area  over the past few years.

Over the years we grew very close, with the wish to be part of the change in South Africa connecting us.

That's why we founded Indoni Yamanzi.

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